Fully Booked: The Best Place in BGC

It wasn’t one of my best days today, so I walked around aimlessly during my break at work.

I found myself walking towards Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.

If you love books and journals, this bookstore is heaven.


download (4).jpg

It’s my favorite bookstore so far.

There is a librarian with a pink cat painted on a pile of books that would make you say “Sshh!” to anyone noisy there. Well, not really… but she does look menacing.

download (3).jpg

I ended up buying some color pens for my journal.


I also browsed through the books on sale and got one that looked interesting.

It has this written on the back:

In a post-apocalyptic world, telepaths are common, but young Starn had no trace of telepathic ability, and was persecuted by those who had the talent—until he discovered he possessed an even more unusual ability.

A criminal mastermind has been captured by the Space Patrol, and a Patrol ship is carrying him to a prison planet. Escape seems impossible, but he has a secret weapon. It’s only water—but water with a very unusual property.

In the afterlife, it turns out that one’s existence is dependent on being remembered by the living. As you are forgotten, you shrink. How do you avoid this? Why, hire an unearthly public relations firm, of course.

These stories and more, including two full-length novels, fill a large volume of entertaining space adventure and humorous fantasy Inventive by a writer noted for original ideas developed with a sardonic wit.

One of these days, I’m going back for a notebook that looks pretty cool.

download (2).jpg


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