Oh Wonder

I was left in a trance listening to this song, All We Do.

The melody… the lyrics… Everything about is was so raw that I couldn’t help but just sink in to it.

“I’ve been upside down
I don’t wanna be the right way round
Can’t find paradise on the ground”

This perfectly describes one of those familiar feelings I get now and then…

Being in a place you kind of want to stay in, but you know you have to leave.

It was a paradox of emotions.

The duo,  Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West , who sang this is known as Oh Wonder. Their music alone was enough to make me love them. Reading an interview with them made me fall in love with them even more.

They put the music before popularity or anything else.

“Josephine and Anthony kept their identities hidden behind a black-and-white logo through the end of 2014, forcing listeners to concentrate solely on the music. To lack a backstory meant the artist Oh Wonder lacked non-musical context; they were defined by the music alone.”


They’re also down-to-earth, humorous, and passionate about what they do.

“Atwood Magazine sat down with Josephine and Anthony in advance of the madness to dig a little deeper into the Oh Wonder story. It’s clear that the pair were destined for one another: They bicker like schoolchildren and finish each other’s sentences, all while wearing magnificent, youthful smiles and speaking with care, tact, and honesty.”

Josephine described what Oh Wonder was all about in the interview, and it’s amazing to hear artists with thoughts on the things that really matter.

Oh Wonder, to us – well, Oh Wonder, to me, is about respecting the craft of songwriting and trying our best to… I don’t want to saying anything that’s like, really derogatory to other people. It’s about respecting the art – the craft of songwriting, and focusing on the importance of great lyrics, great melodies and meaning, and spreading a message of ‘the good stuff’.

We’re really into aspiring to things greater than just yourself, and being there for people, and supporting people, and human connection, and love, and all that kind of stuff. So to me, it’s a collection of songs that explore that, I think – that’s bigger than us. It’s a vehicle to comfort people.

Anthony is a man of few words, but he knows just what to say.

“You dream of the big things, and then the big things come, and you want the small things.” was what he said as he described what they did apart from recording songs. They spent time with their family and friends, doing the seemingly mundane things that actually means a lot.

I’m definitely in awe of their talent. (Especially after I found out they wrote “All We Do” in 4 minutes!)

Oh Wonder started off last 2014, and I hope that if they ever change within the music industry, it will just be for the better.

They’re already amazing as they are.



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