Meal Planning

One of the consequences of living by yourself is this: LACK OF FOOD.

I realized that 5 minutes after moving in. And reality sinks in each time my stomach rumbles. I have nothing to eat here.

This carries me through a cycle with several stages.

Stage 1 – Brainstorming

  • Staring into space thinking What to eat? What to eat? 
  • Ransacking through my apartment
  • Thinking I can order some food
  • Remembering that I cant afford to order food
  • Deciding to go out and get food

Stage 2 – Wandering

  • Walking around the neighborhood
  • Looking for a place to buy food
  • Seeing something I like
  • Wondering if I can get something else
  • Moving on

Stage 3 – Decision-making

  • Making sure that what I would buy is within my budget
  • Settling to buy food that’s most convenient to eat at the time
  • Going back home

I kept this cycle because I’m still saving up for a fridge. I keep thinking, I’m going to have better eating habits when I have stock and I can cook.

I have come to a point when I just need to put my foot down.

It. Has. Got. To. Stop.

Hence, I started a Meal Planner.

Meal Planner

It’s difficult to think of meals that would help me have a balanced diet.

This is what I’m looking for in food:

Venn Diagram

The only way for me to save a bit is to plan my meals ahead instead of buying whatever comes to mind when I have a budget.

I wrote down some dishes to get me started with this.


With this meal planning, I’ll have to study how to cook.

Man, I’m sure this would be harder than I think.




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